1YNX Glove Review

My boyfriend’s first blog post! Check it out 🙂


1YNX Glove Review

Each review is scored on five different aspects of the gloves (Palm, Backhand, Comfort, Durability and Customer Service) which will be given a rating out of 10 so the glove can get an overall score of 50 

40-50 Excellent

30-40 Good

20-30 Satisfactory

10-20 Bad 

0-10 Awful 



The palm is made up of a 4mm latex grip with an added abrasion zone to reduce the friction and enhance the palm’s durability.
Whenever I get a new pair of gloves I always do the one hand grip test on a football, this is when I put the ball on the ground
to see how easy it is to pick it up from the ground. With these gloves, the test was so easy to do. I then got my PA to throw a ball at me
to see how it would handle with a little bit of force and the ball stuck as if it was…

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