Interesting views on Goalkeeper laws!


The New IFAB Laws

This review is on the new IFAB laws that will affect us goalkeepers for the good and bad. 


The first change we will see added to the new season is that on opposition free kicks. They will not be allowed to put their own players in our wall as opposition players won’t be allowed within 1 meter our wall, for obvious reasons this is better as it means there will be no distractions in our wall, meaning no unnecessary gaps in the wall that the free kick could potentially sneak through.


Another change to the game that will affect us goalkeepers massively is on penalty kicks. How we use to be able to move up and down our line to give us a slight advantage on the penalties has now been taken away from us as we are no longer to move up…

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1YNX Glove Review

My boyfriend’s first blog post! Check it out 🙂


1YNX Glove Review

Each review is scored on five different aspects of the gloves (Palm, Backhand, Comfort, Durability and Customer Service) which will be given a rating out of 10 so the glove can get an overall score of 50 

40-50 Excellent

30-40 Good

20-30 Satisfactory

10-20 Bad 

0-10 Awful 


The palm is made up of a 4mm latex grip with an added abrasion zone to reduce the friction and enhance the palm’s durability.
Whenever I get a new pair of gloves I always do the one hand grip test on a football, this is when I put the ball on the ground
to see how easy it is to pick it up from the ground. With these gloves, the test was so easy to do. I then got my PA to throw a ball at me
to see how it would handle with a little bit of force and the ball stuck as if it was…

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