Thailand Day Fourteen & Fifteen

Day Fourteen

We woke up early on our last full day and went to a cafe called ‘Coffeemania’ close to the ice cream parlour, Skoops. They sell these amazing sandwiches and all different kinds of drinks. It has a nice modern setting, English music and friendly staff. Ordered a croissant with Nutella, which was delicious, and an apple soda which was far too sweet. We then went to the shop for water and snacks before heading to Patong Beach. We bagged two sunbeds and headed into the water, but seemed almost dirty today. It must have been busier or maybe something to do with the giant cruise liner. Sunbathed and chilled out all day and finished my book.

Just before sunset we walked back to the hotel and went in the pool. Then we went upstairs to get changed and I found out there was an insane Gym Shark sale and I couldn’t help but buy even from Thailand!!! After that, we got ready for our final night. We walked towards the town and stopped at a restaurant called Mamma Mia. It was quiet but very nice and it was the first time I had found vegetable spring rolls!!! We finished eating and walked towards the markets and stores to gather some final gifts and Christmas presents. Had a few drinks in a few bars and walked down Bangla Road for the last time, we were going to stay out longer but we needed the last bit of money for a full day of waiting around. We took a tuktuk back to our hotel and got some munch and cans from the local shop.


Day Fifteen

We woke up to pack all of our stuff up as we had to be out by 12. All packed up we left all of our stuff at the desk before chilling by the pool. Our transfer was picking us up around 7ish so we had a full day of waiting but without a hotel room to come back to. We walked into town for a while but it was so hot. We walked up the road and watched the sunset and then chilled out in the hotel lounge until we got picked up.

We had a five hour flight to Dubai and then an eight hour flight to Manchester and it was already dragging. The flights were similar to the ones we came on, nice and big with food and drinks included. We still got the TVs and were given blankets and pillows so that we could go asleep. It was long winded but we made it home after an amazing holiday. It was an incredible experience and I would do it again in the lifetime!!! It is worth the travelling and I just wish we could have had longer out there!! I suggest all of you go out there, get it booked and just go. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Didn’t have many pictures of our final day so here are some more from the elephant sanctuary…








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