Thailand Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen

Woke up about 10 and had a nice lie in. We decided to go check out Freedom Beach, it was a beach that you have to trek to get too. It is extremely private and you have to pay 200 baht to get in. We got a taxi to the main gates which was a very bumpy ride into the jungle, bumpy road, tight squeezes and steep hills. It was scary the higher we got and the more the car skidded. We payed our 200 baht at the gates and started our hike down. It was so steep!! Literally skidded our way down. It was about a half an hour descent and I had trainers on and was skidding the whole time. It was so tiring, I wasn’t sure we were gonna make it up, I was sweating going down!!! When we got to the bottom we were both out of breath and sweaty and it was so hot, 34 degrees!!!

The beach was absolute paradise. White sand, turquoise waters, small huts and comfy sunbeds… There were sunbeds in the shade and some not and there was one restaurant at the far end of the beach that sold snacks. There were very few people here maximum of 10. There were a lot of long boats nearby as that was another way of getting to this private beach. We put our things down on two sunbeds and I saw a giant crab!!! We then went in the sea and there was so many fish swimming around you when you got in. We put some goggles on and looked at the different kinds. We stayed here for most of the day, chilling out on the sunbeds, wading in the sea… It was so chilled, just what you expect Thailand to be. As it got later we had to think about getting back and I was not mentally and physically prepared to walk back up that hill, not in the heat!! I asked one of the sailors how much a long boat would be to Patong and he said 750 baht. Slightly pricey but it was all part of the experience, we couldn’t go to Thailand and not go in a long boat!!! It was scary at first but it wasn’t so bad! My travel sickness was not bad either with it just being the two of us and the guide. It was one of my favourite parts of the holiday just looking out to sea and seeing nothing but the horizon, it was stunning. When we got off, we walked back to our hotel. We grabbed some tea on the way as well as a few cans. I also couldn’t help myself go into ‘Skoops’ and get another Milky-Way ice cream. We went into the pool for a while before heading upstairs to get ready. We walked back towards Patong for tea and stopped off at a fancy restaurant for pizza/steak and live music. It was lovely. We then went to a few bars and had a few drinks before walking along the beach at night looking at the ships out at sea.


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