Thailand Day Eleven

Day Eleven

Woke up and we decided to have a pool day and get some cans from the shop. Spent the full day sunbathing and reading, before getting showered and washed for a night on Bangla Road.

We decided on going to the shop for some cans and sat on the beach to watch the sunset and watch the jet skis and boats get taken away, it was really peaceful and nice. We then walked along the beach to Bangla Road. The first bar we went to was called ‘Moonshine’. It was quite lively and had very cheap beers, the staff were lovely and really interested in us. We walked on (constantly being asked to join Ping Pong shows etc) and found a pool bar down a side street and played a few games. We met an Aussie couple there who were really lovely. We persuaded the couple not to go to the Ping Pong show and they came to the live band bar. After a few tequila shots and a lot of beers, they went home. We wandered back down Bangla Road and found the English couple we met in McDonalds at the bar  they recommended, ‘Sunset Bar’. It was so lively and everyone was so friendly. It was so busy and everyone was just drinking and dancing. They had a bell near the bar and if someone rang it they had to get everyone in the bar shots, and it was rung quite a few times. The staff were lovely and we had so much fun getting to know new people and just having a good time. We decided to leave around 2ish as we had the elephant sanctuary in the morning!!! Kebab, water, tuktuk, hotel!!!











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