Thailand Day Eight

Day Eight

Woke up and went downstairs to the restaurant for food before our final move of the holiday. We finished our meal, went to pack and rang the taxi. It was a shorter journey to our next hotel, but this hotel was right next to all the main tourists spots and one of Phuket’s most popular beaches- Patong Beach.

When we arrived at Sun Hill Hotel, it was too early for check in so we had a drink and decided to walk into town. We found a French bakery but it was so expensive to eat in so I bought a croissant and bought some Nutella from the shop and it was delicious! We walked back up to the hotel and had a dip in the pool whilst we waited. Finally got to the room and it was stunning. It was really authentic and homely, the bed was so comfy. The balcony overlooked the small pool and a little bit of the street. After unpacking we decided to go for a walk to the beach. When we arrived we went to Burger King for lunch (they did mini hashbrowns instead of chips and they were insane). We then walked up to look at all the market stalls on the front, had a few beers inside a bar called Blue Lotus and spent the rest of the day at the beach. We got a tuktuk back and saw that there was a huge market just around the corner from us! When we got back we showered and got ready for the evening.

We asked the hotel to ring us a taxi when we were both ready and we got a taxi to Patong Beach Bangla Road. As soon as we stepped out of the taxi, it started to pour it down!!! We went to a small market square for tea and had pizza, waiting in hope for the rain to calm down. The rain obviously did not calm down and even though it was lashing it down, it was still boiling. We went into the nearest bar on the strip, Shipwreck. It was nice and cheap, we had a few bottles of Singha. It continued to rain but we were instantly dry because of how warm it was. We moved up the strip when it eventually stopped raining, as it got a little later and drier, more and people started arriving. The strip was more or less full when we got to the top, it was busier than Magaluf!!! You had constant reps trying to get you in their bars and were bombarded with constant offers and discounts on drinks. People asking you to come to sex shows, strip clubs, ping pong shows… You literally do not know where to look when people are shoving pictures of naked people in your face!!! We found a nice bar, Monsoon, which had a live band singing chart music and 241 beers. We walked down the strip and found a street food market. It was slap bang in the middle of the strip and had loads and loads of stalls selling noodles, rice and other Thai food. There were loads of chairs at the back with a few beer stalls and music, it was really nice. We walked along the beach in the dark before going to McDonalds. We found an English couple there and they suggested a few bars on Bangla Road that we should go to next time. We bought a few cans from the shop, jumped in  a tuktuk home and sat on the balcony with some music on before going to sleep.






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