Thailand Day Seven

Day Seven

Woke up and went downstairs to the restaurant and had cheese toastie and chips. This was the first day we had without any clouds and it was hotter than usual, the sun was boiling. It was easy to decide how to spend most of the day… rooftop pool to get my tan on!!! We spent most of the afternoon there and about 3pm we went to go get ready and got a taxi to Karon Beach. This is a well-known beach as it is one of the biggest beaches in Phuket.

We stopped outside a gorgeous roundabout, white marble with angelic statues. The beach on one side, the shops and restaurants on the other side, all down a long strip. I instantly spotted a subway (instinct) and was gutted to find out they had no BMT available. I decided on meatball reluctantly. We then decided to go to the beach. We payed 200 baht for two sunbeds for the whole day. We went in the sea, it was very choppy and the waves were going over my head. We sunbathed for a bit, we were constantly approached by people selling things, fruit, food, drinks, ice cream, bags, clothes, scarfs, excursions, utensils, anything you can think of, people were selling. We decided to buy two ice creams from someone because they had white magnums!!! Chilled there until the sunset and then decided to walk back down the front and get a tuktuk from there. The tuktuk home was so expensive! Usually tuktuks are your cheaper option to get around Thailand, but this one was not. When we got back to the hotel we couldn’t resist a quick dip in the pool before getting showered and ready for tea.

We went to the ‘Two Chefs’ restaurant which we spotted on the way home from the beach. It was great food, great drinks, great atmosphere and live music!!! We decided to walk back after the meal and we found a small strip of bars called The Walk Around. They were all little huts selling cheap beers and cocktails, playing music and some even had pool tables! We had a few drinks here in a few of the huts and then carried on down the main road. We had a look at all the stalls where people were selling clothes and jewellery and toys and loads of different things. We had a few more drinks on the way down before heading back to the hotel.




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