Thailand Day Four

PHI PHI ISLAND DAY!!! We woke up and packed a bag and went to get breakfast. I was slightly nervous as I get bad travel sickness and an hour journey to the dock, on top of an all day boat journey did not sound too thrilling. We got picked up about 9am and then picked up three other couples from different nearby hotels. The journey was actually really nice, the scenery was so beautiful. We got taken to Phuket Port and it was stunning. We got moved into the cafe where everyone was waiting to be told what boat they were getting on.

Our colour band got called and we went to our boat. Most of the people on the boat weren’t English but they could speak English, which meant our tour guide didn’t have to repeat in different languages. The moment I stepped onto the boat I felt an instant seasickness. We set off and it took an hour to get to the Phi Phi islands. The scenery was gorgeous, the turquoise water, blue skies and hot sun, perfect. After eating 128484 Fisherman’s Friends, I had started to feel a bit better. The girl next to me was not dealing with her travel sickness well and got off the moment we arrived.

The first island we arrived at was not inhabited by humans. We docked on a beautiful beach called Maya Bay. There were lots of long boats docked up which made the typical Thailand ‘wallpaper’ image. This island is where the film The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed!! You could walk into the wilderness to try and see the other bay and there was a few toilets. As we had a wander we found a group of men playing football with a coconut!!!!! We headed back to the beach and it had filled up quickly with all the other boats. I ate some crisps from my bag (not seaweed flavour) as I was too nervous earlier to eat breakfast. The tour guides told us to get back on the boats and I had a panic because I couldn’t find ours at first! Back on the boat, they passed around some water, cans, watermelon and pineapple.

The next spot was just a cave on the side of the island, where we could snorkel for a while. We all jumped off the back of the boat and watched the fish swim around us, it was amazing. We stayed here for about 30 minutes before getting back on the boat and heading to the next island. This island was inhabited by humans, it had loads of monkeys climbing all over the side. The boat stopped so we could look closer and take photos. When we docked, we were taken to restaurant on the beach where there was a Thai buffet. We had a few hours here to sunbathe, eat, take photos and take in the scenery. There were monkeys on the beach but we were told not to approach them because they were dangerous. The water was warm and so peaceful.

Our last stop was an island that was badly hit by the 2004 Boxing Day Indonesia Tsunami. It was such a beautiful natural island, you could see how the nature had been affected yet re-grown. There was even a house that had been rebuilt but had its original ruins. On this island we could swim, snorkel, sunbathe, toilet and eat and drink. We had about two hours again so after some snorkelling and swimming, we decided to take a nap in the sun. When we woke up the sun had hidden behind the clouds and you could see over the horizon that a big storm was coming. We headed back and it was an hour journey back to Phuket Port. The water was insanely choppy and I felt very sick.

When we docked we all got some free ice cream. We had a short journey back to the hotel and when we arrived we got ready to go out for a night in Phuket Town. When we arrived we found a shopping centre with a McDonalds but we ended up being disappointed because all they sold were weird desserts like pineapple pie. We found a restaurant called Pint Factory where they sold lager from all over the world. The staff weren’t the best however as they were quite rude and got angry when I didn’t understand something. We had a lovely meal and a few drinks. We then tried to find somewhere else to go, but nowhere was really lively, so we decided to get a tuktuk home. When we got back, we went to the shop for some beers and took a dip in the pool.






























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