Thailand Day Five

Day Five

Woke up on our last day at Mai Morn Bungalow, and rang our rep to explain the hotel change. We then decided to nip to the shop and I found some chopsticks! We walked back to the hotel for some breakfast and I got my usual plain boiled rice and used the chopsticks to eat it (yes I did look like a pro). After breakfast, we had a look at the excursions available to book from our hotel and decided to go see the Big Buddha on the top of the hill. A taxi driver came to pick us up and whilst he drove (about a 30 min drive) he let us look at all the excursions he had to offer like elephant trekking and all the different temples around the island. On the way up the hill we spotted a gorgeous little elephant but it was all tied up. The taxi driver let us get out to stroke him, as we got closer we noticed they were two. They both looked very old and had a lot of scars. They had chains around their necks and ankles and didn’t look like they were looked after very well. We found out that this was a trekking starting point and these elephants were used to carry people up the hill and through the wilderness. I had heard lots of stories about elephants being mistreated in the circus shows and trekking excursions over here so it wasn’t on our list to do. Now that I could see how unhappy these elephants were, it really made me see just how bad it was. The taxi driver and lady who worked at the trekking place tried to get us to sign up but we declined and carried on up the hill to the Buddha.

When we reached the top, the views were absolutely stunning. You could see most of Phuket, the islands and the beaches. One side was sunny and blue skies, the other side was stormy looking, the whole landscape was beautiful. You could hear the storm coming as the thunder was so loud almost scary!!! A lot of people were getting asked to cover their legs and shoulders when they entered the place because they were too revealing but we were ok. When we had a look around the temples and walked underneath the Buddha. All around the Buddha people had placed a golden leaf which symbolized remembrance or a wish. It was remembrance day back home, (11th November) so we decided to do one for the fallen soldiers. The storm had come a lot closer now, the thunder was louder and the lightening had started which was very scary because we were on top of a very high hill. After having a look around and taking photos, we came back to the drop off place and waited for the taxi to pick us back up. The gift shop sold magnums and I was so happy to eat something other than salted crisps, rice or chips!!!

We got back to the hotel and went to the shop for snacks because it was too late for dinner but too early for tea. I also picked up some antihistamines for my bites because they were getting quite bad. We got back and chilled out around the pool. We had a meal at the hotel, guess what I had… chips and rice… We had some beers at the hotel restaurant before a late dip and a sleep ready for moving day!!!!






















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