Thailand Day Three

Day Three

Started the day getting up nice and early and walking up to the shop for necessities (crisps). Most of the crisps were crazy flavours like seaweed or fish so I settled on some Oreos. We walked back to the hotel and I couldn’t believe how hot it was! Just walking up the street and you have sweat dripping off you! We decided to ring our rep and arrange a meeting so we could book excursions and look at what we could do.

Our rep managed to come within the hour and showed us lots of things and places we could visit. We decided to book a full day trip to Phi Phi island because that was at the top of our list. The rep told us that Mai Morn is situated in a quieter spot with less tourists, the busier places are a taxi ride away such as Patong, Karon, Phuket Town and Kata. We decided to go check out Patong later on after some food. It was 1400 baht to go to Patong in a taxi which works out at around £30. Although most things in Phuket are cheap we found travel was quite expensive.

We arrived at Patong Beach and it was a lot more livelier than where our hotel is based. There were food stalls all down the beach selling ice cream, banana pancakes, kebabs, noodles and corn on the cob!!! I bought a chilli corn on the cob and it was delicious!! We then crossed over to the other side and walked past the bars. We found a little Irish bar called James & Joyce, cheap cocktails on the beach front! We moved down and found a bar selling cocktails for 100 baht (about £2.20). Patong is a lot cheaper than where our hotel was and a lot livelier so we decided (whilst supping £2 cocktails) to book two different hotels for the two weeks we were here. We planned to go to Kata for two nights and back to Patong for the final week. We thought we might as well explore the island rather than being stuck in one place. We walked back on the beach as the sun was setting and found a swing. The whole setting was so peaceful. We noticed it was slightly livelier one side of the beach and they had blocked the road. This was because of the infamous Bangla Road, Patong’s main strip. We walked up to have a look before grabbing a tuktuk back to our hotel, which was very scary at night time.

When we arrived at our hotel we decided to go for a late night dip in the pool and we grabbed some food from the restaurant before going back to the room. When we got in the room there was a lizard!!!!!!!When we shoo’d it to get down it dropped onto the floor and its tail came off!!! It ran out the door but its tail was still moving on the floor!!! It was horrendous!!! I read up later that lizards do this as a defense mechanism, they drop their tails so the predator is distracted and it can escape. Wow. After checking everywhere else for more lizards, we went to sleep.


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