Thailand Day Two

Day Two

Finally we made it to Phuket! We landed at around 8:30/9:00am in the morning, we were shattered. The first thing I noticed was the heat, the moment you step off the plane the heat hits you. It was boiling and very stuffy. When we got off the plane and collected our luggage, the transfer was really easy to find and it ended up just being the two of us! The half an hour journey from the airport to our hotel was really interesting, we passed some beautiful buildings and temples and this was the first time we saw the Big Buddah which sits upon one of many hills. I was quite surprised about the poverty that you could see on the street.

When we arrived at the hotel we knew we would have to wait until check-in as we were very early and there was no option for an early check-in. Our first hotel was called Mai Morn Bungalow, it was beautiful. It looked like a B&Q garden centre. Plants, statues and fountains were situated everywhere and calm, relaxing music played from speakers around the grounds. The pool was stunning with sunbeds in the pool and two around the side. The pool side rooms were gorgeous with a balcony facing the pool and the garden view rooms were lovely having great access to the gardens and aviary at the back.  A restaurant was next to the reception and was open every single day from as early at 7am till 1/2 in the morning. The reception staff were nice yet spoke very little English. They kept asking for a reference number but my Expedia account did not have one, and they did not seem to understand. I was very stressed at this point, long flight, little sleep, stuffy heat and we could not check in… I could see the details in front of her so in the end I showed her my confirmation on my account and she understood, and as we thought we could not get into the room until 2pm. We decided to leave our suitcases and bags and take a walk down the street. There was very little there other than a few small shops and houses, we could not walk very far as we were both in pants and it was hitting 29 degrees. There was a lot of small food stalls on the side of the street, people selling noodles and meat. When we came back to the hotel they must have asked the cleaners to do our room next, as they allowed us to go in.

Now I am not saying that the room was horrible… but it was not what I expected from the outside. It was a huge space with a double bed, working air con, TV and fridge. It had a sofa next to the window and a wardrobe, everything you need for a holiday. The bathroom was the main thing that put me off, a grotty space with ants on the floor and the worst shower ever, in which the hot water did not work. We decided to put it behind us, as we would not spend much time in the hotel. We decided unpack, change and spray the room with bug spray before going on a walk into Phuket.

We walked the opposite way this time and found a few more shops. There was a Tesco and a 7eleven at the top of the street as well as a market. People were selling all kinds of meat, fish and spices in the market and it stunk. We carried on walking and walking and it seemed like we were not getting anywhere. It was so hot and felt like we had walked so far but it was only about two miles up the road. A tuktuk pulled up beside us and told us he would take us to Phuket town for cheap fare. We were skeptical at first as I had read that sometimes the drivers try to con you. We decided to take it and it was so much fun, our first tuktuk journey!!!

When we arrived we went to a restaurant that looked like the woman’s home. She spoke very little English and me being a picky eater had to explain to her that I just wanted plain boiled rice. After dinner we walked around a few shops and had a look around the streets before deciding to come back to the hotel. The tuktuk back was a lot more expensive than it was coming. When arriving back at the hotel, we decided to spend the rest of the day and night chilling out by the pool so we were fresh for the next day. The pool was lovely and relaxing. We had tea at the hotel and I had to google a picture of chips because they did not know what they were. NOTE if you are a picky eater, prepare yourself for Thailand.




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