Thailand Day One

Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for!!! Thailand day-by-day!! I know these posts are very delayed (I went in November) but before I knew it Christmas was here and then the Christmas recovery came (January)… Hope you all enjoy reading about what we discovered, saw and learnt whilst on his amazing holiday. Thailand is the furthest I have ever flown and it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I hope this will push you to all to book a flight straight away and just go!!!

Day One

I definitely was not ready for the flight. The furthest I had ever flown was Turkey and I think that was maximum four and half hours. We had a seven hour flight to Dubai and a further six hours to Phuket. Ugh, however, I was slightly excited about the in-flight meals and movies!!! We had to get up at about 3:00am as our flight was at 7:00am at Manchester airport. After going through check in and security, my nerves were getting the better of me. I was so scared, not even a airport subway and a bev could calm me down.

We boarded the plane and I literally couldn’t believe how big it was! I was used to a small Easy Jet plane, this Emirates air bus was huge!! It had two floors! The TV’s were great too, you could watch so many films, TV shows and documentaries, listen to endless amounts of music AND watch the plane landing, taking off and see where you are in the world. I was pretty tired so slept for a lot of the journey, they provided a cosy blanket and comfy pillows, which made it slightly more bearable. I didn’t like being so tightly confined to one space for seven hours it irritated me. The food was a lot better than I thought too, breakfast was fruit, cheese spread, pastries and crackers. Dinner was chicken with mushroom sauce, gnocchi and veg, potato salad, a bread roll, crackers and cheese and a fruit crumble for dessert! We could also have as many drinks as possible, but somehow on a twelve/thirteen hour flight I didn’t fancy a hangover. I even braved the airplane toilet!!!

The whole day was taken up mainly by travelling. When we landed in Dubai it was night time and it was so beautiful. You could see all the lights from the plane and even got a fantastic view of the Burj Khalifa all lit up! Dubai airport was a strange experience, it was absolutely huge!!! We had to take a five minute train to our gate because they were that far apart from each other. I was also very confused about what happened with our baggage as I had never had a connecting flight before (turns out it just goes straight onto the next plane and the next time you see your baggage is on the flight home). When we finally reached our gate it was more or less time to board again… we were absolutely shattered, my fatigued body had taken control of my nerves and all I could think about was finally arriving in Thailand and collapsing onto a comfy bed……..






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