As promised an update on where I am with my writing, what I’ve been up to and what I want to aim to be doing in the next few months.

So at the moment I am procrastinating in the library, I have hit a wall with my essay and I need a break. I literally cannot wait to finish university and not have constant assignment deadlines looming over my head. I want to be able to write what I want to write, read what I want to read… something I haven’t had chance to do since I started university in September 2014! I currently have five assignments left as one was handed in today. One down, five to go. I wrote about how gender is very prominent within fairy tales especially the old classics. Further including how the tale of Hansel and Gretel breaks this, as Gretel saves them and acts as the hero, when the female would stereotypically be the damsel in distress. I did not mind writing this latest assignment as I have quite enjoyed doing Children’s Literature and looking into the meaning and moral behind the tales. Not saying I enjoyed doing the assignment, it just was not one of the worst ones I have to do.

Next up I have an Adaptations assignment where I am talking about the way that the character Heathcliff is presented within the many adaptations of Wuthering Heights. This is proving a lot more difficult than I thought it would be as I have to find the points other people have made before applying my own opinions. This is something I haven’t done within an essay before, usually making my own point and then finding research to back it up. However, there has been a positive, looking back through my old college notes in my very tattered Wuthering Heights novel. Not to mention being able to spend my time watching all the Wuthering Heights adaptations without feeling guilty about wasting time, even though I feel like I am wasting my time most of the time!!! So this assignment is due in two weeks and even though that may seem like ages away for all you normal people, when you have two jobs, a dissertation, a slimming world diet to maintain and a boyfriend, two weeks goes by in a flash! I am on track at the moment, but with all deadlines coming at me thick and fast, I want to just get them done.

My final assignments are all due in THE WEEK AFTER my 21st.  It doesn’t get better than that 🙂 This includes my dissertation which, don’t tell anyone, I HAVE NOT STARTED YET!!!!!!!! I continue to procrastinate by making plans and talking to my character and making plans and making more plans… My aim, and hold it to me if you want to, is to get all of my assignments completely done and edited the week before. This is so I can sit back and relax, not having to worry about anything whilst celebrating my birthday! However, I did say I would get the March assignments in early so I can prep for my own deadline… This is not coming along well. I have worked out after work, travel, uni and time for sleeping and eating- I can get about 48 hours a week to do my assignment. That is, in theory, two whole days. Not for procrastination. Not for shopping… for assignment-ing. Here is to me finishing early…ish.


Besides my wonderful uni work, I am not doing much else at the moment… other than working. However the moment I finish my uni work, I promise, and you can hold me to it, that I will post a lot more frequently with not just updates but poetry, fiction, drama and endless reviews that I have stored in my phone on my notes page. I have also booked two more holidays -so will be doing some more travel writing!


Hope you haven’t fallen asleep reading this, as it was probably just beneficial for me… to get out of my assignment… which isn’t really beneficial. I know a few people have been asking what I am doing and why am I so busy and what I am going to do when I finish… well I am busy with uni work at the mo because it is so damn hard in third year. Imagine a slap in the face followed by 20 hard books of the language of Shakespeare. My plan when I finish? Providing I don’t fail… to just chill. I have no plans to get a ‘proper’ job. I have been in education since I was 4 and I need a good rest and chill. Time to get my own writing, time to update this blog, time to read what I want… and to mainly travel and see the world. and also some of my friends and family seen as I don’t have time for anyone at the moment.

Anyway- thanks for reading, feel free to like, share and comment!

J xo

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