Kraków- Day Four

Woke up nice and fresh this morning! Today was the day we planned to venture to the Zakopane mountains, however it was absolutely freezing and we found out later there was a ski event on. Instead, we decided to look for a proper English breakfast in the main square, and failing that we ended up at McDonalds. From there, we walked fifteen minutes to the Galeria Krakowska shopping centre which was huge! It seemed bigger than the Trafford centre in Manchester, filled with food places, makeup places and English and Polish high street stores. We looked around and I could have bought all the eyeshadow palettes in Sephora… but settled for a discounted Mac lipstick instead😍 I bought a white chocolate and coconut cinnamon bun which was absolutely amazing. I would go back to Poland just for one of those! I am determined to find a place in England that makes these, however I have started my diet now…

We then wandered the streets around the shopping centre, almost having a go on the ice rink… and then deciding against it. We managed to find our way to the main square and had a few drinks in one of the glass heated shelters, Chopin Bar and Restaurant. I had an extremely strong Tom Collins. After this, we wandered back down to the hotel to sort out transfers, get ready for a meal and a few drinks on our final night.

Bit too early for tea, so we decided to walk into the square and have a corner shop hotdog. (I swear if you ever go guys, these are the best things ever!) We then wandered over to our favourite pool bar, Krawat Klub. Very friendly atmosphere and lots on choice of drink. The Russian barmaid suggested lots of different drinks to try, my favourite being one that tasted exactly like apple pie! I ALMOST won at pool twice, then a group of lads from Bournemouth joined us for a while. We then went to Bar Italiano for a pizza, which was lovely and fresh. I picked my favourite mushroom😍 Everything inside was Italian themed and Lambretta scooters were positioned about the restaurant. We then moved onto Lokal bar, just next door. Great atmosphere, modern music and cheap vodka! The smoking room was not my favourite place, but the rest of the underground club was really interesting and modern. After Lokal, we went back to the pool bar for an ‘apple pie cocktail’. We found another club around the corner from this bar, which name has escaped me, but Havana Club was advertised everywhere.  Only 80p a pint and it was busy as it was Friday night. The music was good, but it was a tight squeeze into the small room. We soon decided to go to the main club Prozak, but we found that there was a huge que to get in! Changing our minds, we decided to check out the Jewish Quarter and found quite a few bars. After venturing to a few, we noticed all the different food stalls. One main one selling Polish sausage like the Christmas Markets in Manchester. The were other stalls that sold things like baguettes from the first night, topped fries and pierogi. I had never tried pierogi before and was reluctant at first… however they were delicious! I decided on a mushroom and cabbage filled one and Jake chose meat. They were so yummy! We took them back to the hotel, ending our final night in Kraków.

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