Krakow- Day Three

Today did not start off well, a pounding head and no water to comfort my dry mouth! Peeling ourselves out of our pit, we went for a long walk. We ended up seeing two beautiful castles and a stunning synagogue. The buildings are beautiful in Kraków, no litter surrounds the area. We managed to find the main square from our walk and from there we went to the No.7 restaurant. We had been here the first time we came to Kraków, two years ago. It is a lovely restaurant, where numerous celebrities have visited, their names are in plaques at the main door when you walk in. Inside it is immaculate, being underground, it has beautiful archways leading to the tables. Candles are positioned on each table and the staff are friendly and speak good English. It was a very posh place for a girl with a hangover. I settled for a portion of chips and a cold glass of coke, whilst Jake tucked into a chicken dinner. I stole some of his gnocchi, which was delicious. Feeling full, we decided to go back to the hotel and have a nap to rid the headache, so we could go out for tea later. After all we were on holiday!

We went to Rzeznia: Ribs on Fire, for tea. They did not offer anything that I liked, (I am not that fond of meat), so I settled for a chip butty whilst Jake had a portion of Bourbon ribs bigger than his head. The menu was, obviously, very meat based. You can pick the flavour – chilli, barbecue, bourbon…  The restaurant was nice and modern, it was simplistic and friendly. The staff were very kind. Feeling better after the meal, we took a walk around the Jewish Quarter having a look at some of the bars. After hitting it hard the night before, we decided to finish the night getting some munch from the shop and chill out with some movies.


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