Krakow- Day Two

We started the day with a trip to the local Tesco. It was extremely cold, which we expected in the middle of Jan, but I did not wrap up enough and it was -6! Stocked up on the necessities, toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup wipes, we came back to get ready for the day. We decided to walk to the main square and go to the bars we went to previous times before. Not much has changed in a year, we really enjoyed having a few drinks inside the outdoor tents, that have heaters! We found our favourite snack, similar to a Rollover hotdog back home. The baguette is filled with sauce before the hotdog is put in, which when put in, pushes the sauce up. They are so yummy!

After a few drinks, (quite a lot of drinks), we went back to the room to get ready to go out. We decided to skip going out for a meal, and grab a McDonalds, followed by a bar crawl. (Something we realised the next morning, was not a good idea.) Amnesia bar was really good and cheap, the atmosphere was surreal being underground, like a basement. The room had loud dance music with candles on each table, modern furniture situated in each room. I found my favourite drink of the holiday here, cherry Soplica with lemonade.😍

After this, we spotted that the wax works, situated in the centre of the square, were still open. Paying around £2.50, we had the place to ourselves. There were a lot of polish historical figures there, as well as well known movie characters. The presidents elects were also there. We then came accross the Polish equivalent to a Weatherspoons, only 4 zloty for a vodka mixer, which is around 80p. It was based on an American diner theme, very friendly and inviting. A lot of people were eating a raw meat dish, which I soon found out to be tartare. It is apparently a popular dish in Poland, usually raw meat shaped into a small cake with a raw egg on top. Not something I volunteered to eat. An Irish pub was our next stop. You were allowed to smoke here, like a lot of places in Poland. This is not great for a non-smoker asthmatic! It was nice and cheap and was very lively with 80s karaoke. The rest of the night was spent trying out different local polish bars. We met two polish boys who took us to a bar that brewed its own beer. We finished the night with a hotdog and stumbled into our hotel room at a stupid time in the morning!

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