Birthday Wish

This is a comical short story that I wrote for an exercise in my year two fiction class… Nothing special but enjoy!




Sven had always longed to travel. Somewhere hot, somewhere cold, somewhere different. Different to boring old Preston. His mother was Swedish and his father Polish… So Sven could never understand why he didn’t get to travel. His friends that were Irish, French and even Jamaican travelled all the time, visiting family. So why couldn’t he? Clearly because he had very little relatives, all of which were mainly ignorant or were past their sell by date and probably wouldn’t recognize him anyway. Not to mention his crazy, Polish aunty who adores England so much, she bought a house the closest she could get to Buckingham Palace.

Sven woke up on his eleventh birthday, which seemed, to him, like an average Monday morning and looked around his crowded room. The room was surrounded by maps, globes and planes… You name it, he had it. By looking at the covered walls, you’d have thought Sven had travelled the world three times over, but in reality, he had hardly left Lancashire. Sven knew today wasn’t the day he would get his special ‘birthday wish’.

As Sven forced himself out of bed, to the sound of his mother’s piercing ‘BREAKFAAAST’ scream, he was presented with the best news he had ever heard.

              ‘’Sven, as you know your uncle Jasper is quite ill and the poor man has requested to see his family before time runs out. Sorry to ruin your birthday, but we will be leaving for Poland, tonight.’’

Sven couldn’t help but smile. Smiling was a lot better than the explosive party going off inside his head. He was holding back the cheering.

              ‘’I know you hardly know him love, but he is a great man and I’m sure you’re going to miss him.’’

              ‘’Yes Mum’’ Sven answered, attempting to hide his excitement. Replying with a dismal, ‘’It is sad’’, Sven was finding it hard to force a frown as he was feeling happier than a pig in muck.

As Sven skipped into the front room, his father and brother were both weeping on the sofa. Sven couldn’t hear their cries, e barely noticed their tears, because he was going on a plane. Tonight. He was going to Poland. A different country, away from Lancashire.


For Sven, this was the best birthday ever.


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