So this is a small extract from my short story, ‘Imperfections’. I used this as my final fiction piece for second year. This story is about people not being as they seem. There is a lot of character build up in the full story, where you see the main character, John, as he really is. This little extract is about just one of Johns sneaky techniques. There is something about him that is just that little bit obscure.

I have never posted a fiction piece online before, so please be kind and enjoy. Like, comment, share or let me know what you think.



…The burgundy liquid stained her top lip as she took a sip. When she placed the glass upon the bar, her pink lipstick had imprinted on it. She picked up the phone and checked the time, her long nails brushing against the screen. He watched her finger reach up and itch the top of her nose, as she looked over to the door and sighed. She circled the room with her eyes, learning her surroundings. As she looked around, John could see the outline of her face. Her enticing eyes flicked towards him, she glanced at his attire and locked herself in his gaze. She looked away and then back again. John smiled and she returned it with a perfect set of white teeth. Her tight dress screamed easy, as she ran a hand down her long, slim legs. It clung to her upper thigh as if it was wet. John watched her as she finished the rest of her glass.

            ‘Another?’ John slyly asked, he had been waiting for his cue. She smiled up at him, but didn’t answer. John asked the same again and shuffled down the bar towards her. He watched her nose wrinkle as she giggled. She collected a compact from her purse, reapplied her lipstick and fluffed up her hair. When she finished, she turned towards him with the reoccurring nose-wrinkled smile. She brushed a golden strand away from her face, once again her fingers grazing her long, slender nose. When she smiled, her nostrils flared, creating an intense feeling between them. John had lust in his eyes, while she found him mysterious. He knew what he wanted, but did she? Companionship? Sex? Love?


            After an hour of small talk, Naomi stood up and walked towards the bathroom, leaving John to settle the bill. He watched her leave, analysing her five foot six frame and hourglass curves, as she slinked away. He thought about how beautiful she was, only a few minor flaws. Almost perfect. As she walked back to the bar, the light had stopped reflecting against her nose. She had touched up her makeup, instigating they should go elsewhere. John grabbed her hand as she came towards him. He stroked the top of it slowly and raised it to his lips. He softly kissed it and looked up into her blue eyes, either side of her nose.

            ‘Where to?’

            ‘What did you have in mind?’ Naomi replied, with an added innocent excuse of, ‘it’s getting late’. John knew she was hiding her eagerness and knew the one thing she wanted. Quickly, John thought of a plan to lure her back to his flat. The balcony was his biggest attribute, besides his soft brown eyes. One wink and she, almost instantly, agreed to go with him. She giggled as he walked her to the door, her nose scrunching up once more.




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