Cheat’s Perspective

Our relationship was thicker than metal,

Yet louder than a boiling kettle.

We both continued to shout,

You were in the wrong, I wanted you out.

Shooing you, like a flock of birds,

Anger controlling all of my words.

Pushing and shoving, you go out the door,

Our relationship wasn’t meant to be a chore.

A routine of TV and takeaway dinners,

Everyone thought we were the winners.

Yet we were living the boring life,

Why did you ever make me your wife?

You stopped giving me a goodnight kiss,

After everything you’re the one that I miss.

To the man that I married, where are you?

The nineteen-year-old boy, that I once knew,

The boy, the man, I fell in love with,

The friendly bar man I met on October Fifth.

Inconsolable and lonely,

You used to be my one and only.

I hid my thoughts, cleared my head,

I’ve said things I shouldn’t have said,

He was just another man in a bar,

Eyeing me up like I’m some famous star,

Something you hadn’t done in a while.

Talking and touching, led by a smile,

Reckless and stupid, I wasn’t thinking,

We had both been drinking.

When it was over I cried.

Forgive me, I know I lied.

With regret and guilt overpowering me,

I needed to come home and make you see,

Arriving back to apologies and flowers,

You had been thinking for hours and hours.

I am the one that’s sorry for my mistakes,

I’m so sorry if your heart breaks,

I didn’t want this, I didn’t want new,

My wonderful husband, I love you.

9 thoughts on “Cheat’s Perspective

  1. carolynne robinson says:

    Don’t know much about History…… Don’t know much about Poetry,
    but what I do know is…………. That was fantastic Jodie!
    very deep and so descriptive, I felt as though I were there!
    Keep up the great work. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jemmashaw96 says:

    This is amazing! The voice used within the poem felt so real that I almost forgot that you haven’t been married. It was so descriptive and I enjoyed the style and the rhythm of it, it made it easy to read and made it musical. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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